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RAC Parliamentary Newsletter #17 - March 2017

RAC Parliamentary Newsletter #17 - March 2017

Documents   •   Mar 27, 2017 11:14 BST

This month, the RAC looks at the impact of the Chancellor's spring Budget on Motorists, new VED rates and our new Be Phone Smart campaign

Traffic Offence Reports issued by police forces in England and Wales, 2013 to 2015

Includes details of number of Traffic Offence Reports issued and number of times these resulted in motorists being sent on a course, receiving a fixed penalty or being summoned to court

RAC Parliamentary Newsletter #14 - November 2016

In this month's newsletter we explore reveal the latest Fixed Penalty Notices for using handheld mobile phones at the wheel, broken down by force and give our assessment of what now should happen; and highlight how new diesels should actually be part of the pollution solution. There is also the latest news from RAC Fuel Watch and a round-up of RAC activity and advice around the UK.

By police force area - fixed penalty notices issued for illegal phone use at the wheel

Table that breaks down the number of fixed penalty notices issued by police forces for the offence of using a handheld mobile phone at the wheel - each year from 2011 to 2015

RAC Parliamentary Newsletter #13 - October 2016

In this month's newsletter we explore two key findings from the latest RAC Report on Motoring: the significant increase in the use of handheld phones at the wheel; and motorist's concern with the high cost of insurance. There is also the latest news from RAC Fuel Watch and a round-up of RAC activity around the UK.

RAC Parliamentary Newsletter #10 - April 2016

RAC Parliamentary Newsletter #10 - April 2016

Documents   •   Apr 29, 2016 16:51 BST

In this month's newsletter we focus on the results of our survey on drivers using handheld mobile phones at the wheel, the UK's youngest uninsured drivers and residential parking permits.

RAC responds to DfT consultation on changes to the Fixed Penalty Notice and penalty points for the use of a hand held mobile phone whilst driving

The RAC has published its response to the DfT consultation, which closed on 15th March 2016

Report on Motoring 2011

Report on Motoring 2011

Documents   •   Jun 01, 2011 09:54 BST

The RAC Report on Motoring 2011 reveals drivers are resigned to the fact that nothing is going to change. The ‘war on motorists’ is said to have ended, but it has been replaced with a ‘cold war’. The cost of motoring continues to rise far in excess of inflation. Drivers are focused on cutting costs and surviving until the economy improves.