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The RAC patrol van struck by a car on the westbound hard shoulder on the M4 near Swindon at 8.00pm on Thursday 23 November.

Image   •   Nov 29, 2017 10:38 GMT

RAC patrols are trained in a motorway breakdown situation to use their van as a safety barrier between the members broken down vehicle and oncoming traffic with lights and beacons flashing. On this occasion this proved to be an effective action stopping the oncoming vehicle colliding with the member’s vehicle and potentially hitting the patrol and the driver. Nevertheless these photographs show the full force of the impact. RAC vans are equipped with over 500 parts and tools to enable the patrols to permanently repair four out of five cars at the roadside. The rear portion of an RAC patrol van also contains a folding rapid deployment trailer which allows the patrol to recover a vehicle they can’t fix at the roadside safely to a garage or other location. The fully laden van weighs approximately three tonnes.
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