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RAC comment on the Scottish Government's low emission zones consultation

News   •   Sep 06, 2017 14:54 BST

Responding to a new consultation from the Scottish Government which could introduce low emission zones in the biggest cities as early as next year:

RAC spokesman Nicholas Lyes said: “These proposals released today from the Scottish Government will have motorists reeling at the thought that they could be banned from driving in certain areas of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee possibly as early as next year if they drive a diesel vehicle that is registered prior to September 2014. If they flout the ban, drivers in the wrong vehicles could face a costly fine.

“Nobody doubts the need for bold decisions being made to tackle Scotland’s pollution issue in its biggest cities, however, the outlined measures could have serious financial and practical impacts on those living and working in and around these cities.

“Unlike the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone, where motorists and businesses will have had up to six years to plan and budget for necessary upgrades to their vehicles, these proposals appear to fast-track stringent restrictions with a limited ‘sunset’ or grace period for those who live or operate businesses within the proposed zones.”

“Motorists accept that tough measures are essential to tackle our air quality problem however there should not be a rush to penalise them at the first opportunity. Focus should firstly be on establishing which vehicles are the highest polluting vehicles doing the most mileage in the most polluted areas. Typically in urban area these tend to be buses and taxis so there must be an urgency to clean these vehicles up first.”

You can find more information on Euro emission standards here: