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RAC comments on plans to increase the speed limit through motorway roadworks

News   •   Oct 21, 2017 18:22 BST

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “This is good news for motorists as it should help to improve the flow of traffic which often builds up well ahead of motorway roadworks. Where safe to do so, increasing the limit through roadworks will provide better, more reliable journeys for drivers – many of whom become frustrated with a 50mph limit when there is no work going on. Highways England has listened to motorists and found through these trials that safety will not be compromised.

“The success of average speed cameras in forcing motorists to stick to the limit in roadworks has clearly made this possible. Prior to their use a proportion of drivers would inevitably speed, putting the lives of road workers at risk.

“Increasing the speed limit to 60mph where appropriate also enables motorists who feel threatened by the close proximity of heavy goods vehicles in roadworks to free themselves as most HGVs are limited to 56mph or lower.”