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Severn Bridge journeys to Wales rise after tolls end - RAC comment

News   •   Mar 18, 2019 11:52 GMT

Commenting on Highways England data that shows more drivers are making journeys over the Bristol Channel now that tolls have ended, RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis said:

“It looks as though the removal of the tolls has ushered in a new era of Bristol Channel hopping – we’d imagine primarily for leisure and social reasons, with people exploring what south Wales, Bristol and the south west have to offer now that the financial barriers have gone.

“While it appears fee-free travel has led to an increase in traffic, it will be interesting to see if this continues and what effect it has on traffic congestion on roads close to the tolls as a result of the new free-flowing Severn crossings. We anticipated an initial increase in leisure traffic, but the affordability of commuting in either direction has now clearly improved and could well lead to more people crossing between Wales and England by car.”